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Michael Nycyk is an Internet researcher affiliated with the Department of Internet Studies, Curtin University Perth, based in Brisbane. His main area of interest is how people use the Internet and how Internet policies can be shaped when being challenged by trolling, fake news, hacking and cyberhate.

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Volume 40, May 2019

Book Review

 Encounters with trolls: Ginger Gorman’s Troll Hunting.

Cyberhate has become a significant problem for governments, law enforcement and policing, Internet site owners and social media platforms let alone users. The response to it has been poor as social media companies and governments worldwide have been slow to act on this problem (Jane 2017, 2). Investigative journalist Claire Ginger Gorman’s 2019 book Troll Hunting: Inside the World of Online Hate and its Human Fallout builds on the work of cyberhate scholars however her interactions with trolls, and the mix of her narrative with others bring new insights to the problem and the players in this complex issue.

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