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Volume 1, May 1996

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Produced by a postgraduate collective this inaugural volume features poetry, fiction, reviews, and articles on Orlando, Star Trek, Chinese cinema, regional arts, and an interview with Lorraine Code.






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Editorial committee

  • Victoria Burrows
  • Gillian Carter
  • Tanya Dalziell
  • Stephanie Green
  • Edwina Kelly

Editorial advisor

  • Gail Jones

Technical support

  • Faculty of Arts Multimedia Centre

Technical support (printed original)

  • Rob Campbell (DTP)
  • Todd Cohen (Graphics)
  • Brian Ward (DTP)
  • Jock Meston (Logo)
  • Meg Travers (WWW/DTP)


  • Lydia Wells
  • Maria Osman
  • Tanya Aquino
  • Joanna Harkness
  • Denise Hill
  • Sue Lewis
  • Lucia
  • Tansy
  • Josh
  • Andrew
  • Conor
  • Jamie

Outskirts is published with the financial support of: English Department (UWA) Postgraduate Student Association, Faculty of Arts (UWA) and Equity Department (UWA)

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