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Every volume of Outskirts is reproduced here. It was first printed in 1996 and has been published online since 1998.

Volume 40: May 2019

Thinking through self-portraiture in photography and epistolary through Francesca Woodman and Macbeth; theorising women’s writing practice; and reviewing trolling through Ginger Gorman’s Troll Hunting.

Volume 39: Nov 2018

Articles on Black Mirror and cyberfeminism, on media selectivity when reporting violence and murder of women, and on suffragette Adela Pankhurst’s two visits to Queensland, plus a book review on Indigenous women’s art and exhibition practices in Western Australia.

Volume 38: May 2018

Gender and the Everyday: selected papers from the Western Australian Communication, Culture and Media Group?s conference. There are articles on memorials  and violence, femininity in Restoration literature, romance novels, Miley Cyrus and the posthuman, and the gender politics of Tropfest.

Volume 37: Nov 2017

Articles on celebrity feminism and de Beauvoir's All Men are Mortal, and a review article on activism, feminism and the neoliberal university.

Volume 36: May 2017

De-story the joint: collection of papers from the 2016 Australian Women?s and Gender Studies Association Conference held in Brisbane. Papers explore the impact of Marilyn Waring?s work, colloquial language in Australian women?s magazines, food refusal and consumption in Bronte novels, `gay best friendship? in films, the value of digital media activism and the presence of feminism in the online publication Mamamia.

 Volume 35: Nov 2016

Feminist Readings of Film and Television: Articles on class and femininity in Snog, Marry, Avoid, female ?madness? in Insidious, gender representation and Frozen, postfeminism and Weeds, and teaching gender and race with The Golden Girls.

Volume 34: May 2016

Articles on disability and sex services, on researching histories of abortion, and on hashtag campaigning.

Volume 33: Nov 2015

Responsibility: selected papers from the Australian Women and Gender Studies Association Conference held in Melbourne in mid 2014. In the papers collected for this special issue, responsibility is the connecting theme in examinations of Australian masculinities, maternal absence, online anti-rape forums, eating disorders, and women's militancies.

Volume 32: May 2015

Magdalena Talks Back. Contemporary feminist research methodologies. Articles on research methodologies used to explore the diva as feminist icon in contemporary performance; women's experiences of healing post-abortion; the pre-verbal trauma of late-discovery adoptees; the bodily impact of childhood rape; the practice of infanticide in colonial Western Australia; feminist legal methods in sentencing mothers; cunning and bodily intelligence in feminist storymaking; living with the chronic pain of vulvodynia; practice-led research in the visual arts. A poem, the Women's Stone Circle.

Volume 31: Nov 2014

Articles on Boeadicea, Goddess narratives, colonial masculinity, on women's liberation, women's studies, Anne Ferran's photography, Jeanine Leane's short stories, revisiting American Psycho, and gender violence and its media coverage.

Volume 30: May 2014

The Gender Games: selected papers from the The Gender Games: Stories in/for the Contemporary World symposium convened by Deakin, Melbourne and Monash Universities in November 2012. Articles on the St Kilda Schoolgirl, women in Holocaust film, transexuality in Transamerica, masculinities in Australian media, international law and women's rights, and young Emirati women.

Volume 29: Nov 2013

Feminism and Visual Arts: selected papers from the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art Symposium 'Are We There Yet?' on being part of the Women's Art Movement in Australia in the seventies, on feminism and whiteness, and a conference report from the Feminism and the Museum Symposium.

Volume 28: May 2013

Intimacy and Estrangement: papers from the Australian Women's History Symposium on missionary women, the contact zone, women's liberation, feminist mothering, writing politics, affective objects, and women teaching art and design.

Volume 27: Nov 2012

Articles on embodiment and gazing in Second Life, and the rhetorics of choice around the pharmaceutical suppression of menstruation, and a timely commentary responding to programs under threat. 

Volume 26: May 2012

Articles on feminism and envy, Coraline's mothers, celebrity scandal, prostitution laws in Western Australia, and Australian women writers on sexuality.

Volume 25: Nov 2011

Articles on what young people think of feminism, making sense of MySpace profiles, selling cookstoves in Bangladesh, asking difficult questions about raunch culture, and autoethnography on whiteness and maternity.

Volume 24: May 2011

Emerging Spaces: New Possibilities in Critical Times. Articles from the 2010 Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association conference, on birth, breast milk banks, blogging, beauty and suicide bombers alongside chick lit, veganism, sport and the pleasures of working in feminist organisations. 

 Volume 23: Nov 2010

Post Apology Australia: articles on symbolic speeches, the landscape of apology, Australia's first female Prime Minister, and self-determination.

 Volume 22: May 2010

On Maternity: Articles on the meanings of childbirth pain, on Irigaray and placentas, on trusting obstetricians, on surrogacy, and mothers and sexuality in film.

Volume 21: Nov 2009

Articles on representing Muslim women, ecofeminism and fantasy writing.

 Volume 20: May 2009

On Fictocriticism: featuring a contested history of fictocritism, curricula from four university courses and a teaching reflection, as well as fictocritical practice by Anne Brewster, Moya Costello, Majena Mafe, Rosslyn Prosser and Barbara Brooks.

Volume 19: Nov 2008

Articles on Perth feminist history, Women?s Studies in the tropics, beauty practices and ageing.

Volume 18: May 2008

Articles that read Virginia Woolf through Melanie Klein, Judy Chicago through Julia Kristeva, and others that reflect on the field of violence studies, and teaching musicology.

Volume 17: Nov 2007

Feminist Engagements in Other Places: featuring articles on ethnographic travel, feminist researchers in Muslim Indonesia, Japan, and Africa, poststructuralist engagements with `others?, and `internationalising? women?s health politics.

Volume 16: May 2007

Articles on Iraqi women on the internet, representing female serial murderers, how Australian feminism is remembered in the nation?s archives, and cinematic time in texts by Jane Campion and Gail Jones.

Volume 15: Nov 2006

Articles on women conductors, dance, regulating women?s bodies through psychiatric institutionalisation, and generations of feminism incited by Helen Garner.

Volume 14: May 2006

Articles on Irigaray and mermaids, on Adriana Iliescu?s older maternal body, on teaching feminism, and an epistolary response to reading Robert Dessaix, marking the start of Outskirts? second decade, and a new editorship by Alison Bartlett.

Volume 13: Nov 2005

Articles on gender transitioning, media representations of Muslim women in Australia, and the social power of feminism.

Volume 12: Oct 2005

Diversity Dialogues: articles emerging from a postgraduate masterclass, on gendering leadership, advantage in the academy, gender in the police force, an Indigenous approach to international law, terrorism, and women?s paid work decisions after childbirth.

Volume 11: Nov/Dec 2003

Imagined Worlds: articles from the Network for Research in Women?s History conference, featuring a colonial reading of conversion narratives in Seventh-Day Adventist communities, Patricia Piccinini?s posthuman simulations, and pioneer women in colonial painting.

Volume 10: Nov 2002

Women?s Movement Politics: articles on African women?s movements, Indonesian women?s groups and the New Order, sex workers' rights, and challenges facing a new generation of feminists in Australia.

Volume 9: May/Aug 2002

Articles on tattoos and women writers, the Borg in Star Trek, poststructural writing, the domestic violence constituted in media representations of romantic love, and the reproduction of meaning through visuality in Shelley?s Frankenstein.

Volume 8: May 2001

An issue that focuses on the debates around feminist generations by Chilla Bulbeck, Jane Long and Anita Harris, as well as an article on victim identity, and a commentary on Vietnamese women.

Volume 7: May 2000

Gender in the Contact Zone: papers presented at a conference by the Network for Research in Women?s History, featuring work on Mary Crowle?s colonial childhood, gender and imperialism in India, 1950s infant feeding regimes, and how the Australian press report on Asian comfort women.

Volume 6: May 2000

Articles on Australian representations of women and war, colonial narratives and transvestism, feminist theory and Japanese literature, and the use of Virginia Woolf?s reputation in medical advertising.

Volume 5: Nov 1999

Re-Searching Women: articles from a feminist seminar on the research process, portrayals of Anglo-Indian women, feminism in the Western Australian parliament, poststructuralist feminist thesis writing, working with women in fieldwork, and the metaphor of waves in feminist generational debates.

Volume 4: May 1999

Articles on Beth Yahp?s Crocodile Fury, on African women and western feminism, an interview with Eva Sallis, and a commentary on the women?s movement in Africa.

Volume 3: Nov 1998

Articles on the anatomy of United States President Clinton, the Spice Girls, and feminist science fiction, as well as commentaries on women?s studies in emerging new democracies, and the Victorian People Together Project, with Delys Bird as continuing editor.

Volume 2: Nov 1996

Poetry, fiction, reviews and articles on the politics of Candida, flaneuses in Australian women?s writing, anorexic bodies, Anais Nin and male voyeurs, and representing women in historical film..

Volume 1: May 1996

Produced by a postgraduate collective this inaugural volume features poetry, fiction, reviews, and articles on Orlando, Star Trek, Chinese cinema, regional arts, and an interview with Lorraine Code.

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