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Volume 32, May 2015

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Magdalena Talks Back. Contemporary feminist research methodologies. Articles on research methodologies used to explore the diva as feminist icon in contemporary performance; women's experiences of healing post-abortion; the pre-verbal trauma of late-discovery adoptees; the bodily impact of childhood rape; the practice of infanticide in colonial Western Australia; feminist legal methods in sentencing mothers; cunning and bodily intelligence in feminist storymaking; living with the chronic pain of vulvodynia; practice-led research in the visual arts. A poem, the Women's Stone Circle.




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Guest Editors

  • Lekkie Hopkins and Julie Robson


  • Alison Bartlett

Editorial consultants

  • Margaret Allen, University of Adelaide
  • Carol Bacchi, University of Adelaide
  • Barbara Baird, Flinders University
  • Chris Beasley, University of Adelaide
  • Delys Bird, University of Western Australia
  • Chantal Bourgault, University of Western Australia
  • Heather Brook, Flinders University
  • Chilla Bulbeck, University of Adelaide
  • Vic Burrows, University of Sydney
  • Philip Butterss, University of Adelaide
  • Tanya Dalziel, University of Western Australia
  • Maryanne Dever , University of Newcastle
  • Carole Ferrier, University of Queensland
  • Sue Gannon, University of Western Sydney
  • Fiona Giles, University of Sydney
  • Jane Haggis, Flinders University
  • Marg Henderson, University of Queensland
  • Carol Johnson, University of Adelaide
  • Jane Long, University of Western Australia
  • Jane-Maree Maher, Monash University
  • Kathie Muir, University of Adelaide
  • Susan Oakley, University of Adelaide
  • Lyn Parker, University of Western Australia
  • Rhonda Shaw, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • Terri-Ann White, University of Western Australia

With thanks to all the anonymous referees for their generosity and expertise. 

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