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Volume 14, May 2006

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Articles on Irigaray and mermaids, on Adriana Iliescu’s older maternal body, on teaching feminism, and an epistolary response to reading Robert Dessaix, marking the start of Outskirts’ second decade, and a new editorship by Alison Bartlett.



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  • Alison Bartlett

Editorial consultants

  • Margaret Allen, University of Adelaide
  • Carol Bacchi, University of Adelaide
  • Barbara Baird, University of Tasmania
  • Delys Bird, University of Western Australia
  • Chantal Bourgault, University of Western Australia
  • Heather Brook, Flinders University
  • Chilla Bulbeck, University of Adelaide
  • Vic Burrows, University of Western Australia
  • Philip Butterss, University of Adelaide
  • Tanya Dalziel, University of Western Australia
  • Maryanne Dever , Monash University
  • Carole Ferrier, University of Queensland
  • Sue Gannon, University of Western Sydney
  • Fiona Giles, University of Sydney
  • Jane Haggis, Flinders University
  • Marg Henderson , University of Queensland
  • Carol Johnson, University of Adelaide
  • Jane Long, University of Western Australia
  • Jane-Maree Maher, Monash University
  • Kathie Muir, University of Adelaide
  • Susan Oakley, University of Adelaide
  • Lyn Parker, University of Western Australia
  • Rhonda Shaw, University of Auckland
  • Terri-Ann White, University of Western Australia

Thanks to the referees who generously gave their time and expertise to reviewing papers for Outskirts.

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